Hiring A Moving Company: What To Expect

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Moving is a struggle that many people deal with at some point or another. Packing up boxes, lifting heavy furniture, and finding transportation to carry out the work can seem like a chore too great to tackle on one's own. Deciding to choose a commercial moving company to complete the job takes all the hassle of the logistics of moving away from the customer and into the hands of professionals. Depending on the destination, rates can increase especially when traveling cross-country. With a few things to consider beforehand, there will be no surprises. Here is a quick look into how long it can take for movers to complete the process and what happens once they arrive at the destination. 

Having a realistic timeline set in place for the movers to accomplish the job is essential to a successful move. While moving to another location within the same city or county may be achieved within the same day, out-of-state moves often take much longer. For a cross-country move, for example, commercial movers may need an average time of up to two weeks to reach the destination. While this may seem like a long time to wait, it is important to remember that rushing will only increase the chance for damage or loss to occur. Commercial movers haul multiple households at one time and therefore will need extra time to complete their job. Since the bulk of one's furniture and belongings will not be accessible during this time, staying with family, friends, or even a hotel room will greatly improve comfort until the movers arrive. Commercial movers will always contact the customer ahead of time to convey an updated delivery time that will allow for a more convenient process. 

Once the movers have arrived at the destination, they will need a clear space to bring in the items. Any cleaning supplies, boxes, or clutter should be removed from the rooms to allow for an easier space to move through. Bulky furniture and fixtures will be carried in, unwrapped, and placed where the customer prefers. For each item brought in, the customer should also expect a checklist similar to the one they completed at the beginning of their move to ensure that each and every item has been accounted for. When the movers bring in a box, for instance, the code or numbers should match up to one located on the moving list. Since moving can involve lots of heavy lifting, it is crucial that the customer communicate any issues beforehand, such as the possibility of troublesome stairs, or recommending alternate entrances to the new location. If the move is being completed during an especially warm season, offering water bottles to the workers will be more than appreciated. 

When considering a tip, it is best to set aside some extra cash for each worker. For especially long or difficult moves, tips can be a more generous amount. As with any service, it is also recommended that the customer leave a review for the work completed. This will not only be helpful for the moving company but can also become a fantastic recommendation for future customers. By preparing for a realistic timeline and securing lodgings until the move is complete, the customer can enjoy a more streamlined process. Once the movers have arrived, ensuring every piece is accounted for will bring some much-needed composure as the moving process itself can often be extremely stressful. Allowing a commercial moving company to complete the job will guarantee the safest and most convenient way that customers can move to their new home.