How Does An Industrial Packing And Crating Service Reduce Factory Moving Costs?

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If you are moving your factory to a new location, then you have to find a way to pack your facility's contents. This isn't like a home move; you are likely to have to pack large, expensive, and sometimes fragile pieces of machinery, equipment, and tools. 

While you can pack yourself, commercial moving companies also offer this service. They pack and crate some or all of your factory's contents for you before moving them to your new site. While this service has an additional cost, it could also save you money. Continue reading to learn how.

Reduce Packing Supplies Costs

If you pack and crate yourself, then you need to buy suitable supplies. You'll need a range of boxes and crates to move anything from paperwork to industrial machines and tools.

If you haven't run a commercial move before, then you might not know how many boxes and crates to buy. So, you might overbuy to make sure that you have enough supplies. Your packaging spend will be higher than it needs to be.

However, if you use a packing and crating service, then you won't waste this money. Expert commercial moving companies will evaluate your exact packing needs and bring the right supplies in the right numbers. You won't waste money on supplies.

Reduce Downtime Costs

At this stage, you might not be sure when to pack key items ready for your move. You won't want to leave it too late; however, packing too early isn't a good idea either.

If you don't time packing precisely, then you could have some downtime costs. If you have to stop using machinery because you have packed it too early, then your business potentially loses money.

Your moving company can help you plan your packing so that you get everything boxed or crated at the optimum time. You won't have a last-minute rush to pack and you won't pack key items too early. You shouldn't have any extra downtime costs.

Reduce Accidental Damage Costs

Your employees might be experts at using their machines and tools; however, this doesn't mean that they know how to pack this equipment for a move. If you don't pack or crate something correctly, then it won't have transit protection. It could get damaged in the move. You could have costly repair or replacement costs at this already expensive time. Plus, if a machine breaks in transit, then you could have some downtime at your new site before you can start work again.

Industrial packing and crating experts ensure that all your items get the transit protection they need. You're less likely to have any accidental damage costs.

To find out more, contact local commercial moving companies and ask about their industrial packing and crating services.