2 Ways To Make Your Office's Heavy Duty Storage Cabinets More Useful

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All the storage space that heavy duty cabinets offer should be enough motivation to stock your office with them. But your new storage cabinets can do a lot more than just store office supplies and important documents. Here are a couple of things you can do to make your storage cabinets more useful in the office:

Turn Them Into Partitions

You can turn your storage cabinets into partitions throughout your office to create personal work spaces for employees utilize and meeting rooms for clients to enjoy. Just place your storage cabinets where you'd like to create faux walls, with the cabinet doors or shelves facing the space where storage is needed the most. One side of the storage partition can be used as a backdrop for a work station, while the other side can be used for storage in a community space or manager's work space.

You can create separate cubicles for your office employees or larger spaces to accommodate a small handful of employees at the same time. Not only will your partition storage cabinets provide your employees with plenty of storage space, but they'll help give them all a little privacy while they work.

Create a Communication Station

A great way to make sure that all of your office employees are always on the same page, and to make them all feel like they're working as an important part of a team, is to set up a communication station in the office to utilize. The communication station should feature training materials, copies of company newsletters and even a co-op publication that enables employees to do things like advertise for roommates, sell household goods, and promote company sports teams or community clubs.

Simply setting a heavy duty storage cabinet up against a wall in the break room or a common area will give you the space you need to create a communication station for your office team. Store all the training materials on the top shelves, put all the newsletters and other company communications on the middle shelves, and dedicate one shelf to the co-op publication. You can then assign the rest of the available shelves to employees who can use their spaces as personal cubbie holes.

Contact your service provider today to learn more about the heavy duty storage cabinet options that will best meet the expectations of your office employees. They'll be happy to recommend size and style options based on your current and projected storage needs. Click this link for more information.