Moving? Make Special Considerations For The Following Things

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If you're getting ready for an upcoming move, you may think it's all a matter of packing things into boxes for the movers to pick up. However, some things need special consideration when moving them to a new home. Here are a few items that you need to be aware of when packing.

Living Plants

The problem with plants is that they can make a huge mess or die on the moving truck. The plant may not be secured properly, causing it to tip over and spill soil over nearby contents. If the truck is going to be on the road for a long time, the heat inside a moving truck may kill a more delicate plant that needs extra care.

It is a good idea to secure the base of a plant to a cardboard box to give it more stability. Cut a hole in the top of the box so that the plant can stick out. The square base will ensure it does not tip over. For other plants that may not survive the heat, consider getting rid of them or putting them in your car. Traveling with air conditioning can help protect these plants during the trip.


You need to put some thought into how your pet is going to be taken care of during the move and transported. When the movers arrive, plan to have somebody watch your pet so that they are under control and not around all the movers. The last thing you want is to have a pet escape during a move with the open doors. If nobody can watch your pet, you can always put them in a room all by themselves until the house is empty, then move them to your vehicle.


Don't forget to take all your medications along with you, preferably packing them separately in a bag. You can never be sure of what delays will happen during a move, and if you will be able to find the medication in the boxes when they arrive. Treat them as you would when staying at a hotel to ensure that you have them when necessary.

These are just a few things that need special consideration for your moving day. For more tips, be sure to speak with your local moving service prior to your moving day. You may be surprised at the things you do not realize need special care.