Tips For Moving Home For The Summer From College

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If you are currently in college, living in a dorm or your own apartment, there is a good chance that you have accumulated more stuff than your parents might be willing to have stored in their home. This can be a problem because you might be switching apartments and need to leave your apartment until your next lease starts in a few months. Your parents might not be willing to drive down to see you and pick up all of your personal possessions. However, you also might not be willing to part with your hard-earned possessions. Here are some potential solutions that you should consider.

1. See If a Subletter Needs Furniture

If you have a lot of furniture or general kitchen items that your parents don't want in your house, you could see if someone that is subletting in the area of your college wants to borrow your stuff. Students sometimes get internships near the college and stay in a different apartment than they would usually live in because of lease issues. Sometimes students have to unexpectedly stay in the area because they need to take summer classes in order to graduate on time. In both of these cases, they might not want to lug their own furniture or buy new furniture for three months. They might be willing to temporarily take your furniture and other useful objects off your hands for the summer, which would make your parents very happy.

2. Consider Self Storage

Another relatively easy, cheap solution would be for you to rent a self storage unit for three months during the summer. This would allow you to put your furniture and other personal possessions away without having to lug them all the way home and irritate your parents by putting them in the basement. Some self storage places even have services for students where they will come and pick up your stuff for you as long as you load it into the truck and unload it into the storage unit. Be sure that you contact storage companies early in order to make sure that you are able to score a unit. Ask for college specials. Storage unit places don't want their units to be empty so they might be willing to offer you a deal in order to get your business.

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